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    Fold Over Elastic, Skinny Elastic, Glitter Elastic

    • Sequin Headbands

      royal blue sequin headbands
      The bands measure one inch in width, and they are sold individually for your convenience. The width is ideally suited for decorating with bows, appliques and other items, but their decorative appearance also makes them suitable to wear as-is. In addition, the bands are pre-sewn in a size that will accommodate everyone from a three-month-old infant through to older kids and even adults. If you have been looking for the perfect way to dress up any of her looks or even your own looks, these sequined bands are the ideal solution.lilac sequin headbands
      It can be a challenge to find the right supplies to order for all of your hairband-making needs. However, with sequin bands available in a wide range of colors coupled with a significant range of other bands and decorative pieces to choose from, you can easily find everything that you need for your craft projects in one convenient location when you order from Bitsy Bands. Take a few minutes today to browse through the beautiful supplies available on the Bitsy Bands website today, and make your purchase with the convenient shopping cart feature. This is the ideal way to order all of the supplies you need for your projects.
      baby pink sequin headbands

    • Crochet Headbands

      black crochet headbands
      Bitsy Bands currently offers almost two dozen different colors of crochet headbands, and this means that there is a color to suit the needs of most. Some of these gorgeous hues include apple green gold, lavender, light blue, red, purple, royal blue and others. The bands are sold individually, and this makes it convenient to order the perfect number of bands for your current needs. The soft, gentle look of crocheted material in brilliant colors will give her the perfect way to dress up any of her looks in green crochet headbands
      Whether you are just starting to get into crafts and making your own accessories or have been making hair accessories for years, the crocheted style of headband elastics is the ideal look for your needs. You simply have to take time to browse through the color options of crochet headbands available today and make your selections. Be sure to explore other areas of the Bitsy Bands website to include the right accessories and decorative items with your order. We make it easy to find the supplies you need for all of your home crafts.
      fuchsia crochet headbands

    • Headbands

      Crochet Style Headband

      crochet style headband

      The crochet style headband is made out of 100 percent cotton and measures 1.5 inches in width. They are durable and stretchy to provide comfort with regular wear, and the unique size makes them ideal for use with everyone from newborns and up. They are available in almost two dozen different colors, so they are the ideal option to use when making soft, feminine creations at home.

      Sequin Style Headband

      sequin style headband

      The sequin style headband will add a touch of sass to your creations. These measure one inch in width, and the super stretchy material is designed to accommodate those who are over the age of three months. They have the gorgeous shine of sparkly sequins on the outer side, and the inner side is soft and supple for comfort. Currently, there are 14 decorative colors available. As with the crochet style, these elastic bands can be decorated with rhinestones, bows and other accoutrements for a decorative look.

      Whether you need to place an order for just one elastic band today or you need to place a larger order for a major headbands project that you are working on, you want to work with Bitsy Bands for the best selection of supplies in one convenient location.

    • Elastic by the Roll

      Making Hair Accessories

      The elastic by the roll is perfect for those with a side business who make many hair accessories on a regular basis, and they are also a great way to save money with your own creations. The elastic is great for sharing with a few friends, or you can use it for various sewing projects too. The elastic boasts a decorative crease down the middle and is designed with a soft stretchy material that is both comfortable to wear and highly durable.

      daffodil elastic by the roll

      Purchase Baby Headbands

      If you have been looking for the ideal way to order your elastic by the roll in a bulk order, consider placing your order through Bitsy Bands. There is considerable cost savings to you when you order a 100-yard roll versus a smaller roll size, and there are dozens of gorgeous hues to choose from. Take a few minutes today to browse through these colors for yourself as well as the various accessories and decorative pieces available through Bitsy Bands. Place your order now, and you will soon have all of the supplies you need for all of your home crafting projects.

      heilo elastic by the roll

    • Double Ruffle Elastic

      Create Baby Headbands for Your Little One

      When you order your double ruffle elastic bands from Bitsy Bands, you will have the option to choose between several gorgeous colors. Some of these colors include lavender, black, pearl pink, red, coffee, ivory and others. The elastic is available in a roll that is five yards or ten yards in length and that measures 5/8 –inch in width. This is the ideal width to accommodate with chiffon flowers, rhinestones or other accoutrements from Bitsy Bands. Furthermore, with the length of the roll, you can easily create several headbands and other accessories with just one roll. Create them for your own little one, make extra accessories to sell with your home business or share your roll with friends.

      cofee double ruflle elastic

      Retain High Quality Hair Accessories

      By taking the time to create beautiful hair accessories, you want to create hair bands and other creations that will look great for many years to come. All of the products from Bitsy Bands are high in quality and are assured to provide your little one with lengthy use. This elastic is also designed to be comfortable when worn. You simply measure the length that you need to use for your headband, and you can rest assured that the elastic will retain its shape and size with use.

      raisin double ruffle elastic

      Dress Up Your Baby Headband Creations

      If you are looking for the perfect way to dress up your creations with a feminine touch, consider purchasing a roll of this double ruffled band. You can pick up one roll, or you can save money by purchasing two 10-yard rolls today. Take time to check out the other supplies available through Bitsy Bands to include with your order.

      pink double ruffle elastic

    • Tie Dye Hair Elastic

      High Quality Tie Dye Elastic

      black tie dye elastic

      Perhaps the best thing about using tie dye elastic from Bitsy Bands is the bold, stylish beauty of the various styles available. Some of the color options available to choose from include black and tangerine, neon pink and white, shocking pink and turquoise and others. These are bold enough to wear alone and make a bold statement, or they can be jazzed up with various supplies available through Bitsy Bands. For example, they would look amazing with your choice of decorative appliques, beautiful bows, shiny rhinestones and pearls and other accoutrements available through our website.

      pink tie dye elastic

      Baby Headband Tie Dye Elastic

      If you have been struggling to find high-quality materials or the right style of materials for your hair accessory-making needs, take time to check out the incredible styles available on Bitsy Bands. The tie dye material is sold in a length of five years, which makes it suitable for all of your crafting and hair accessory needs. Buy one color of tie dyed material today, or purchase all of the colors for your various needs.

      red tie dye elastic

    • Printed Hair Ties

      Printed Hair Ties are Designed to Be Worn

      Our incredible selection of styles for printed hair ties are designed to be worn with comfort and for long-lasting use. Our ties are all heat-sealed so that common issues with hair ties and ribbons like fraying are not a factor. In addition, they are made in the United States from only the highest quality of materials. The ties are soft and comfortable to wear, and because they will retain their size and shape with regular use, they offer long-lasting use. The Bitsy Bands products are all superior in quality as well as style.

      Customized Hair Accessories

      black printed hair tiesanimal printed hair ties

      Hair ties with printed designs may be used by parents and grandparents to create customized hair accessories for specific outfits, or they can be used to create hair accessories for an at-home craft business. In addition to being used for hair accessories, these ties are also ideal for use as a bracelet. If you have been looking for the right place to buy high-quality ties and other accessories from, look no further than Bitsy Bands. Take time today to explore the many styles available, and place your order for high-quality printed hair ties and all of your other supplies through Bitsy Bands.

      chevron printed hair ties

    • Glitter Hair Ties

      The Ideal Glitter Hair Ties

      If you have been searching for the ideal glitter hair ties to purchase for your various needs, Bitsy Bands is the company to rely on. The bands are sold individually for your convenience, and this means that you can easily order one band in the color you need or one in every color available. These bands are the ideal way to add a touch of sparkle to your looks, and they can be worn individually or used to create elaborate, gorgeous hair bows and bands. In addition, they can also be used as a bracelet for an additional touch of flair. Take time to explore the color options available on Bitsy Bands, and place your order today.

      cranberry glitter hair tiesgreen glitter hair tiesorange glitter hair ties

    • Adhesive Felt Circles

      If you have been trying to create professional headbands at home, you may understand what a challenge this can be. There is always some degree of fun associated with making headbands for little girls. When you order your supplies from Bitsy Bands, you can enjoy the ability to choose from literally hundreds of different types of bands, rhinestones, appliques and other accoutrements in gorgeous colors to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind headbands. This can be such an enjoyable activity that many people will make headbands for all of their girls' outfits. However, many people find it challenging to put together all of the supplies in such a way that they actually look professional rather than homemade.adhesive felt circles

      The fact is that adhesive felt circles are the ideal solution for all of your needs. These circles are available in a wide range of colors, so they are suitable for use with many different headbands. Because all of these circles are backed by an adhesive, there is no need to get out the hot glue gun and make a sticky mess on your work. More than that, the felt circles hide any other mess that you have created underneath. For example, many people will glue adhesive felt circles onto the top of a flower to serve as the center of the flower. This can add style as well as cover the glue that is holding the flower to the headband.

      Whether you are making headbands for your own little girl or want to create headbands to sell in your side business, it is understandable that you would want to create professional headbands that have a finished, beautiful look to them. Adhesive felt circles are available for purchase is easy-to-peel sheets, so you can order a stock of them to use with all of your upcoming projects. These felt circles are just one of the many ways that Bitsy Bands can help you to create beautiful headbands. You can join the Bitsy Bands social network online to learn more helpful tips and advice and to connect with other parents just like you who want to create beautiful crafts for their children.

    • Headbands for Babies

      All babies are adorable, your own in particular. There is just something about baby headbands that gives little ones that extra 'awwww' factor. At, we have everything you need to create headbands for babies to wear on special occasions. They are so easy and cheap to make, you can fashion one to match each of their outfits.

      Bitsy Bands has just introduced a new line of 5/8-inch printed elastic. Never again will you have to settle for fold-over elastic, which is designed for diapers and not pretty little headbands. Our comfy, soft, printed elastic features a matte finish on one side and a shiny finish on the other and comes in a variety of cool, funky and cute prints.

      For girls, our black and white damask printed elastic looks adorable with a black felt flower head or a pearl acrylic rhinestone button. Create vintage style baby headbands with colored Russian veiling. In addition to elastic, we also offer crochet and sequined headbands for babies.headbands for babies

      Your baby boys needn't feel left out. We have plenty of robust colors and printed elastics to match whatever boyish mood your son cares to display. He might like to sport one of our crochet headbands in apple green, orange, navy blue or purple. He might also look good in one of our animal prints, houndstooth or chevron patterns.

      Bitsy Bands baby headbands can be further customized by using an applique or a flower head. We have themed appliques for holidays, foods and animals. We also offer bows, sequined appliques and bows. We also have no fewer than 30 different collections of flower heads, including lace, velvet, silk and many, many more!

      Don't have a baby in your life that you can spoil with lots and lots of headbands for babies? Why not make your own and sell them on the Internet or give them as gifts? We sell elastic, ribbon and accessories in bulk "grab bags."

      For easy-to-follow instructions on how to craft these little beauties for your little beauty, check out the tutorials on our website or join us on Facebook and Twitter!

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